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Thursday, April 14, 2011


I'm so glad it's Thursday, finally.  This week had been busy, but long at the same time.  My kids have all started with their practices for their spring sports, so we are busy every night except for Fridays.  On an unrelated side note, I really need a manicure.  Today was a good day, though.  There was lots of good news and things to be happy about.  It really feels like spring.  A time for rebirth and awakening; a fresh start.  The weather is warmer, and salads and lighter food is on the menu.

Raise you hand if you've ever tried quinoa.  What?  You've never heard of it?  Well, let me tell you a little about it.  Pronounced keen-wah, it is a grain, usually used as a side dish.  Quinoa looks similar to couscous, but is cooked like rice.  (2-1, water to grain ratio)  It's good for you, too.  It's actually a complete protein source.

uncooked quinoa

You can make quinoa many different ways. It's very versatile. I've added feta, cucumbers and tomatoes with dressing to make a Greek Quinoa, or  lots of fresh herbs and olive oil.  I've also cooked it with chicken broth instead of water and added sauteed onions and a little butter.  It can be eaten hot or cold, so it's a good thing to take to a party.  Really, the sky's the limit with this stuff.  I'm curious how other people eat it.  If you have a favorite way to prepare quinoa, please let me know.  If you haven't tried it, give it a whirl.  It's spring-time for growth and change!



  1. I did a post on a very easy quinoa salad... very tasty & fun you can sub in and out most of the ingredients for so many variations to your own taste and get creative so you can make it time afte time without getting bored ... best, gary

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