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Sunday, August 9, 2009

Sweet Melissa Sundays Snickerdoodles

I got my cookbook! Amazon said it should be here on August 10th, but it came early, on the 7th. Spike the Baker, chose snickerdoodles for this week's recipe. If you want the recipe, you need to go here:

I made my cookies a little bit different
than the recipe. I rolled the cookies
in turbinado sugar and cinnamon
instead of regular white sugar.
I like how they turned out. I think
refrigerating the dough is really
key in making this recipe. My
snickerdoodles came out light
crispy and chewy. The kind of
cookie you can sit and eat a whole
plateful and not think twice about it,
until it's too late-all of the cookies are

So, do yourself a favor and make these cookies.

I love that you need only 8 ingredients, and it's

likely that you already have everything on hand!

Again, you can find the recipe here:

Thanks to Spike, great choice. Here's to my first

SMS recipe being a success!




  1. welcome to the group! you did a fantastic job. my cookies are gone already too :)

  2. Welcome to the group! Your's look so pretty!

  3. Welcome to SMS!!! Your cookies look great! Mine are all gone!

  4. Welcome to the group and yay for getting your book early! Your cookies look fantastic! I agree that chilling the dough really helps, I chill most cookie dough for at least several hours.

  5. Welcome to the group! I'm so glad your first recipe was a success. I look forward to baking along with you every week :)

    Katie xox

  6. Welcome to the group! I brought mine into work and they were gone by lunch time...

  7. Great looking cookies, nice job!!! Welcome to SMS, it's a wonderful group of bakers.